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Eric van Reem

#13 GM Thomas Luther

Let's talk about the Chess Olympiad for the disabled

2020-12-17 82 min

In this episode Eric talks to German Chess Grandmaster Thomas Luther (1969). He is a three times German Champion (1992, 2002, 2006) and won a silver Olympic Medal at the Chess Olympiad 2000 in Istanbul. Luther, who suffers from dysmelia, is the chairman in the FIDE Commission for the Disabled. He speaks about the first Online Chess Olympiad for People with Disabilities, which was played from 20.11.2020-03.12.2020. Poland won, ahead of Russia and the Ukraine. He also talks about his own career and his why chess was a key for him to succeed in life. "Chess is the only all-inclusive sport", explains Thomas. Luther is also a prolific writer of chess books. Some of his book are translated into English,, like "Luthers Chess Reformation", Chess Coaching for Kids-the U10 project, the Thinker's Chess Acadamy volume 1 &2 and he talks about his new project "Handbook for chess trainers (in German).   
Thomas is the Chairman in the FIDE Commission for the Disabled. https://dis.fide.com/COMMISION_MEMBERS/m284#

You find other links to the First FIDE Online Chess Olympiad for People with Disabilities there.

Thinkers Publishing has books by Thomas Luther in English. You can order them here.

You can buy all the books by Thomas Luther in German and English at Euro Schach in Dresden. Go to their webshop here

In the ChessBase Shop, you can buy DVD's of Thomas Luther, explaining openings (in German)

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