Let's talk about chess

Eric van Reem

#2 Tony Rich

Let's talk about chess in St. Louis

2020-09-12 48 min

In this second episode, Eric talks with Tony Rich, the executive director of the Saint Louis Chess Club about the Chess9LX and the Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz 2020 tournaments. He also talks about the Covid-19 measures the Saint Louis Chess Club and the World Chess Hall of Fame had to take and how the pandemic influences the after-school chess program. 
The Saint Louis Chess Club on the web: https://saintlouischessclub.org/ and the World Chess Hall of Fame is here: https://worldchesshof.org

Follow the games of the events in Saint Louis here: https://uschesschamps.com.

Host: Eric van Reem
Guest: Tony Rich
Editor: Dennis van Reem
Artwork: Fränk Stiefel
Music: Chess Pieces-Silent Partner

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