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Eric van Reem

#28 Douglas Griffin

Let's talk about chess history

2021-04-18 73 min

In episode 28, Eric talks to chess historian Douglas Griffin, who is a chess author/blogger, translator, and an indispensable source of historical chess perspective on “chess twitter”. He is particularly interested and knowledgeable about chess in the Soviet Union and has a very interesting blog. Over the course of the past 15 years he has translated the annotations to a great many games from classic Soviet-era books and periodicals such as 'Chess in the U.S.S.R' and '64', many of which have never been published in the West. In October 2019, Quality Chess published his translation of Grigory Levenfish's memoir and in the podcast Douglas reveals that some more interesting work and translations will be published later this year! 

Douglas played with Vishy Anand and Vasik Ivanchuk in the World Youth Championship in Sharjah, in 1985. 

In the podcast, Eric and Doug, both born in 1967,  talk about chess history in general, chess books, the history of the Candidates Tournament, and much more! Another very enjoyable and relaxed talk about...chess! 

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