Let's talk about chess

Eric van Reem

#3 GM Peter Heine Nielsen

Let's talk about chess, computers and chess variants

2020-09-25 73 min

In this third episode, Eric talks to another interesting guest about computer chess, Alpha Zero and chess variants. Deep Mind, the artificial intelligence company that shocked the world of chess  with Alpha Zero in December 2017, released a new scientific paper in September 2020, called: „Assessing game balance with Alpha Zero: exploring alternative rules sets in chess". Danish grandmaster Peter Heine Nielsen, who is the coach of chess world champion Magnus Carlsen, knows a lot about chess engines and chess variants, and gives us his opinion about the paper. But there is more to talk about: the Bongcloud opening, online chess, Chess960 and more. Enjoy! 
Do you want to know more about Alpha Zero? Read the acclaimed book "Game Changer", by Matthew Sadler and Natasha Regan, 2019 ECF Book of the Year and 2019 FIDE Book of the Year. 
Find out more about Deep Mind: https://deepmind.com/

You can read and download the paper : Assessing game balance with Apha Zero: exploring alternative rule sets in chess here.

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Host: Eric van Reem
Guest: Peter Heine Nielsen
Editor: Dennis van Reem
Artwork: Fränk Stiefel
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