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Eric van Reem

#8 Urban Chess - Jesús Medina Molina

Let's talk about chess courts!

2020-10-24 45 min

Jesús Medina Molina launched “Urban Chess” in 2018, a social initiative in the Netherlands to place public chess tables in city parks. In March that year, the first three public tables were inaugurated in Máxima Park in Utrecht. Two and a half years later, 17 Dutch municipalities have followed already, and his initiative has already received words of endorsement from chess personalities like Anish Giri, as well as Judit and Susan Polgar.

Eric talks to Jesús about his project in The Netherlands, which has also caused attention in other countries who are interested in "Urban Chess". Jesús explains what a chess court is, how to approach municipalities and what is needed to place a chess court in your city. How much does a chess tabe cost and where to get them? Can we play chess during the Covid-19 pandemic? And what is his ultimate goal? 
You can follow Jesús on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jmedinamolina. You can find pictures of beautiful chess tables there and other interesting links. 

You can also visit his website: https://www.medinamolina.com/chesstables. In the MEDIA section, you can find articles about his project.

"Bringing chess to public spaces" is an excellent article about the Urban Chess project on the FIDE website: https://www.fide.com/news/755

For our Dutch audience: https://nocnsf.nl/nieuws/2020/10/urban-chess-mentaal-fit-blijven-in-tijden-van-corona

Host       : Eric van Reem
Guest     : Jesús Medina Molina
Editor     : Dennis van Reem
Artwork  : Fränk Stiefel
Music     : Chess Pieces-Silent Partner

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